Object Drawings

Objects Shading with Blend Tool:

Shadow object by using “3D Revolve” option is not helpful, but you can use another option, which is “Blend Tool” from Tools Panel, add shading to small statue “Shapti” as following:

Draw the outline of the object you want to add shadow. Its outline is Black and Fill: White.

Draw inner polygon where the shadow area ending.

Its  stroke: None and Fill: Black Click copy of to the inner polygon.

Double click on “Bland Tool” from Tools Panel.

In “Bland Tool” panel, Orientation: active Align to Path.

Now choose the outline and the inner polygon.

By “Bland Tool” choose one Anchor point in each shape.You will note, that the black area was smoothed to white. Now, choose Edit > Paste in Place, a copy of the inner polygon with fill: Black was pasted. Change its Fill to white.Do the same with face area.

Note:  You may do the opposite in the outline, where the outline with Fill: Black and the inner polygon with no stroke and white fill. In this case, you don’t need to make copy to the inner polygon. It depend on which of both give you the modeling impression. Then follow the same steps.

also you can use the shading methods which applied to pottery shards