Needed Tools

Needed Tools:

Needed tools are divided into two sections, Software and hardware

  1. Software, mainly:
    1. Adobe Illustrator, it does not matter which version you use, as all the versions serve our purpose either for digital epigraphy or digital inking. Because we do not use the high options or the new options which come up to the new recent versions. You can download free trial version from Adobe website directly:
      1. Also you can later buy the complete version from the same link after that
    1. Adobe Photoshop, recently adobe adapted many tools in the last version of Adobe Photoshop, which can be easier easier for digital inking or digital epigraphy for more information chick Chicago House website.

In which they added much wonderful tutorials about using Photoshop in digital epigraphy.

Also you can buy the full version directly from Adobe website:

  • Hardware:

This section usually depend on your budged, buy means:

If you planning to digitize either in the site or in the office.

The idea for our work is to have a tablet that we can draw on directly, not one that must be hooked up to another computer. Then you can look at the wall and the tablet at the same time. And either digitizing a photo, or digitally inking a scanned drawing. This is case you are looking at the iPad Pro 12.9. The mobile Wacom ones are too expensive …

In the site, if there is no excavating activities it’s ok, otherwise it will be hard for direct digitizing .

that leads us to another point, you have to make sure that Ipad pro 12 or any version were setup with adebe illustrator, as far as I know that Ipad products come with its own graphic programs, as Will knows, that in digital epigraphy we use many special conventions (hatching, broken, reconstruction, ….. etc), which I think that programs, were builtin Ipad, doesn’t provide !?

The Wacom tablets that work without a computer are much too expensive, as you know. However, the iPad Pro 12.9 inch, and the Microsoft Surface Pro are both potentially feasible options for the work in he site. 

Here are reviews of the two products:

The Wacom tablets must be used in conjunction with a desktop or laptop, So they can not be used on their own.

I realy recommend to draw in door, where digital epigraphy is little bit deferent then epigraphy, pottery and objects, where digital epigraphy doesn’t really need to be beside the wall at all.

Project needs:

project computer:

you hae to unify between the project computer and the digitize system you are going to use:

In case you use ipad pro, I’d prefer to be Mac

In case you use Wacom tablets with pc laptops, I’d prefer to be PC

Because transferring illustrator files between Mac and pc system, in some cases make a little bit conflicting regarding to the layer propartes.

.     Project pc computer: 

For the project laptop, below,  there 2 models,

in US: HP 15.6 HD

In Europe: HP 15.6 HD

and in US: Premium Dell 17.3 Full HD

In Europe : Premium Dell 17.3 Full HD

they are the almost the same, but the second,  the screen is bigger 17 inch:

Technically, digital epigraphy needs hard ware with high potentials, e.g. cpu, ram, etc. and to provide it in Ipad pro or surface-pro, that’s cost so much.

Hard Ware

what I’d suggest for better low costing is:

External hard drive for backups:

In US: Western Digital 8TB Elements Desktop Hard Drive – USB 3.0

In Europe: Western Digital 8TB Elements Desktop Hard Drive – USB 3.0


Actually, I used to use Intuos 2 graphic tablet:

I have this model:

In US: Wacom-Intuos2 USB Grafik tablet A5

There is other models is still brought in the markets:

Wacom Intuos2 6×8 Graphics Tablet (USB)

Here is the Intuos Art:

In Europe: Intuos Art

The Intuos Art is of course cheaper. I think the medium size is best and it is suitable for our purpose, where you can use the multi touch screen, to make zoom in and out easier. 

by the end we are going to deal with the Illustrator’s options not the tablet’s options :-), in addition, we will not use/need more advanced options, as we, in the most cases, dealing with lines and filling.

Here is the Intuos Draw

In Europe Intuos Draw :

Intuos Draw is good as well, the only thing, that it haven’t zoom in and out option, but you can make 2 of 4 shortcut Keyes to serve as that option,  if not it’s not that big issue, and it could be managing without it.

For its pen, as they described,  it’s sensitive,  so should be fine for them.


There are some drawing’s accessories might help during using the tablets, such as:

Drawing Gloves

In US: Drawing gloves:

In Europe: Drawing gloves:

I am also considering purchasing special drawing gloves to make sure initial digital “pencil” lines are as smooth as possible: 

Pen Nibs:

In US: Pen nibs:

In Europe: Pen nibs:

It’s also good, if you get pen nibs (as replacement for the original one attached to the pen) just in case something wrong happened to it.

usually most of tablets comes with a spare of pen nibs.

In US: Surface Pro 6 / Pro 5 / Pro 2017 / Pro 4 / Pro LTE Case :

In Europe: Surface Pro 6 / Pro 5 / Pro 2017 / Pro 4 / Pro LTE Case :

Work on your Microsoft Surface Pro 6 / Pro 5th Gen (2017) / Surface Pro 4 / Pro LTE comfortably with rugged case. Its adjustable kickstand provides flexible viewing angles for optimal typing and drawing experiences, and its Surface Pen holder keeps your stylus securely in place. Soft TPU and strong PC offer superb protection against daily use.

In US: Fintie Case for Microsoft Surface Pro 6 / Pro 5 / Pro 4 / Pro 3 / Pro LTE:

In Europe: Fintie Case for Microsoft Surface Pro 6 / Pro 5 / Pro 4 / Pro 3 / Pro LTE:

It is a must have and perfect companion for an easy and enjoying life! This case sports a simple and classy design made from premium synthetic leather, and the interior is lined with non-scratch material so you don’t need to worry about any damages. It is a must have and perfect companion for an easy and enjoying life! This case sports a simple and classy design made from premium synthetic leather,